Meet The Team


Rachel Harrington
Chief Instructor

'I've been training in martial arts for 15 years, competing nationally and internationally. I have 10 years coaching experience and enjoy every aspect of it. I love teaching and sharing something that I'm very passionate about'
 Craig Harrington
Chief Instructor

'I've been training for 10 years, competing all over the world. I have 7 years coaching experience, being a martial arts instructor is my dream job. I love passing on all the principles of being a true martial artist and helping improve peoples kickboxing skill and confidence'

Steve Chinnappa

'Been training from day 1 of the club and love everything about it. I'm 53 years old and probably fitter than I've ever been because of kickboxing. I enjoy helping the juniors develop into the best martial artists they can be'
Daniel Green

'I first started training to get fit and lose weight but it quickly became a sport I loved. I enjoy the atmosphere in our classes and that they're suitable for everyone. I love seeing people including myself gain confidence whilst having fun'
Craig Edmunds

'It's great to be able to train and be team mates with my son, within an environment that I believe makes us both better people everyday. While I love everything about training and the people at the club, I love competing. I love testing myself and I love improving. I love the journey, every grade and every session. As someone who has been involved in different sports club my whole life, I couldn't imagine my life without Absolute'
Jessica U

'I joined because I thought it would be a great way to get some exercise and learn some self defence. I started training regularly very quickly and am now very passionate about it. I love improving my fitness and learning new techniques. Its a fantastic club with great people and a friendly atmopshere'
James Aldred
Assistant Instructor

'My passion for kickboxing grew very quickly as soon as I started training. I love doing any type of pad work and the training is made so easy and fun with the amazing atmosphere and people we have here at Absolute Martial Arts' 
Craig Clout
Junior Assistant Instructor

 'I love improving my self defence and being able to put that to the test in competitions and sparring. Every lesson at Absolute is challenging but so fun, and it feels good to be able to push myself and keep feeling the benefits'

Shannon Moloney
Junior Assistant Instructor

'My favourite thing about kickboxing is definitely kicking. I have such a passion for learning new kicks and making them as good as they can be. Absolute is for everyone. We are a massive family where everyone looks out for each other'
Eugene Yap
Junior Assistant Instructor

'I love the atmosphere at Absolute. Everyone wants to train hard and work together to be the best they can be, but at the same time its fun and social. For me, the best bit about kickboxing is the kicking. There are so many kicks you can learn it never gets boring'
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